• Global Valuations

    The price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) is a standalone measure that provides a valuation perspective into an individual equity or an index. Although there are hundreds of possible valuation metrics, the P/E ratio tends to be one of the most widely utilized and is one of the easiest to attain. In its simplest form, it provides a glimpse of what the multiple investors are willing to pay for every one dollar in earnings realized today, hence producing a valuation.

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  • Stacy Hefty’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Challenge. What’s Your Financial Recipe?

    When someone speaks of a chocolate chip cookie I instantly think of the recipe my mother taught me to bake.  It is soft, sweet, melts in your mouth and full of chocolate chips.  It is the recipe I make for our family and actually tastes better the second day after baked.  I know they love these cookies because they are never around the house very long.  There are some funny stories about our children, when younger, trying to sneak the chocolate chip cookies from wherever I tried to hide them.  However, I have found people to be very unique in their taste for chocolate chip cookies.  Maybe you like the recipe from the back of the bag of chocolate chips or maybe you change the recipe just slightly.  I know families that like their cookies with crisp edges and soft in ...

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  • Volatility Remains Absent

    Lack of serious news during the week proved to be positive, which follows the notion of no news is good news.  Global markets started out with a bang on Monday as North Korea remained largely absent from media headlines and we also learned that the devastation of hurricane Irma produced significantly lower damage estimates than had been anticipated.  The combination of those two events yielded a lasting performance effect for the entire week as the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 closed higher by 1.63%.  Smaller companies in the U.S. (S&P 600) fared significantly better during the week yet they continue to significantly lag relative to the S&P 500.  It appears that the premise of domestic diversification is working against conventional wisdom year-to-date.  Global diversification has taken the lead in that realm.  Emerging market equities (MSCI EM) finished the week higher by ...

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