• Leadership Abroad

    International developed equity markets remained at the forefront of performance leadership last week as the domestic political landscape proved detrimental to near-term sentiment.  The MCSI EAFE index gained over 1% for the week while the U.S. Large Cap S&P 500 closed lower by -0.32%.  The year-to-date momentum of international equity holdings has proven to be the strongest in nearly a decade and has been further fueled by diverging monetary policy actions from the likes of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB).  Political uncertainty has been a common denominator for both continents, at least partially, but the notion of equity fundamentals has also played a dominant role considering the fact that multiples in Europe (i.e. price to earnings ratios) remain depressed relative to those across U.S. equities.  From a perceived value standpoint, it may make sense to pursue an allocation ...
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  • Balancing Washington and Wall Street

    The unexpected media headlines stemming from Washington last week failed to translate in the form of significant widespread volatility on Wall Street.  In addition to the continued discussions of repealing the Affordable Care Act, as well as initiating tax reform, President Trump announced that he fired FBI director James Comey.  Such a decision does not necessarily tie directly to how the political landscape may shape out in Washington but it may shed some light on how the administration is handling complex issues.  The consensus among analysts is that it was not a well received action, as has been evident by the ongoing media headlines.  Such sentiment may have influenced small capitalization U.S. equities (S&P 600), which finished the week lower by nearly 1.20%, due to their reliance on a well functioning political system to further enhance the odds of potential tax reform.  ...

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  • April 2017 Recap

    The trend of lagging domestic equity market performance, relative to other major markets, remained intact for April 2017 as equities in international developed markets, as well as emerging markets, outpaced U.S. large capitalization exposure.

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