• 4 Strategies for Boosting Your Social Security and Spousal Benefits


    Here are four strategies couples can use to help increase their combined Social Security income.
    These approaches were written into Social Security law to encourage retirees to delay taking benefits, reducing
    costs for the Social Security trust fund. To use them, you must both be at “full retirement age” (eligible for 100%
    of your Social Security benefits) in all but one case. Full retirement age is 66 to 67, depending upon when you
    were born.

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  • Small Business Optimism Soars

    apples-1841132_1920Global equity markets gained strength last week with various domestic indices reaching new highs.  The Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 closed higher by 1.60% and was aided by the strong performance of the S&P Financials sector.  The index gained approximately 2.98% as sentiment tied to banks and other financial intermediaries proved positive.  Political rhetoric from the Trump administration concerning possible deregulation in the sector, as a means of increasing global competition and profits, continued to stronghold media headlines.  In our view, it remains ambiguous as to what the White House may do.  Not only does Congress have to vote on any deregulation changes, but the voting public may strongly disapprove.  Populism in politics has become a crucial aspect of elections, which may indirectly force Washington’s political hand.  As it relates to domestic equity markets, one important note that deserves attention from last ...

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  • “Phenomenal” Announcement

    sunriseThe domestic large-cap equity market, as depicted by the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500, reached a record high last week as comments from President Trump may have attributed to the upside optimism.  While meeting with various airline executives late last week, the president announced that a “phenomenal tax break” would soon be announced and it would not only help “all businesses in the U.S.”, but it may be especially beneficial for airlines.  The exact details of what this new tax plan entails remains puzzling given that earlier campaign promises indicated a tax break for smaller companies, not necessarily for those worth north of $20 billion.  Irrespective of what policies are announced, however, we remain cautious on the influence that the White House has produced on equity markets and believe that the risks associated with such rhetoric may produce increased company specific risk.  An ...

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