• Freight Tonnage – March 2017

    The transportation of goods across the U.S. is something you likely witness on a daily basis. Hundreds of thousands of tons make their way across our highways on a monthly basis, involving hundreds of different carriers while employing thousands of individuals.

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  • U.S. Politics – Cue the Drama

    The notion of priced-in perfect policy implementation is something that we have extensively discussed since the results of the presidential election.  This euphoric idea that all policies laid forth by President Trump during his first month in office would eventually pass without a hiccup was something that market participants likely assumed to be the case.  After all, why shouldn’t they?  We’re faced with a Republican in the White House and a Republican ran Congress.  Conventional wisdom would suggest that any policies proposed by conservatives in Washington, such as that of repealing the Affordable Care Act, which failed, would have almost no issues passing.  This conventional wisdom concept in such a scenario might explain why market participants bid equities higher leading into, and during, the first 100 days of Trump’s term.   We’re now at an inflection point, however, where we’re starting to witness ...

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  • Passive Approach – Does it make sense?

    Passive investing continues to gain traction given the low cost nature of passive options in the investment management industry. Passive refers to those investments that mimic indices, which cannot be invested into directly. Investment vehicles tied to the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 have been at the forefront of the low cost movement and attracted over $160 billion in 2016 alone (Bloomberg).

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